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Lucian the Scholar Special General
Legion damage: 144

Duel power: 40
Attack: 60
Defense: 60
Race human Human
Role special Special
Source intellect Intellect
Expert Monster Hunter: Chance for bonus damage plus Lore Yell; Chance for bonus damage if A Schoolboy's Guide to Fisticuffs is owned; Chance for bonus damage if Cricket Bat is owned

Lucian's specialist field is a rather eclectic one. He's dedicated years of his life to studying the weaknesses of legendary monsters. The tome he wrote on the subject has been variously described as "fine scholarship" and "the ramblings of a lunatic".
Obtained By:

Quest Ryndor: The Tomb - Aggressive Cryptozoology

Additional Info:

Lore yells:

  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "A bandit named Tito found that striking a monster with a chamber pot worked wonders."
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "Ah, yes... Trinity's favorite strike. That's killed many a monster."
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "Alexander usually goes for the eyes. Try that!"
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "Do what Dahrizon did when he slew the Beast of Scrab!"
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "I once saw Rhapsodii do that in a Colosseum beast-fight!"
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "Kenshin used such a maneuver when demons attacked Rurouni."
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "Now might be a good time to employ GusterD's Bloody Sand technique."
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "RockCastellum calls that one the Final Riddle!"
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "The Silent Butcher Slash? DarkAngel will be impressed."
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "Use Katana's high-low attack! No one sees it coming!"
  • Lucian the Scholar yells: "Use the VALkyrie stratagem. Monsters never see it coming."

A reference to Cleomedes (Ibrahim Amin), a team member. The book seen holding and his ability is a reference to a book he wrote, The Monster Hunter's Handbook.

The Lore yell "Kenshin used such a maneuver when demons attacked Rurouni," is a reference to Ruruoni Kenshin.

The Lore yell "Alexander usually goes for the eyes. Try that!" is a reference to Baldur's Gate's Minsc and his miniature giant space hamster, Boo's battle cry: "Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!"


  • Lucian the Scholar is a part of one recipe.

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