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Loyalist Shaman Epic Troop
Legion damage: 174.6

Duel power: 77
Attack: 85
Defense: 145
Race human Human
Role tank Tank
Source wisdom Wisdom
Loyalist Shaman gains 10 Attack and 10 Defense when placed in the Loyalists Legion; Gains 10 Attack and 10 Defense if Mascon is in the Active Legion.

Loyalist shaman
"I see that some of you have been walking new paths since we last saw each other. You've found the gods? I never knew they were missing. No matter...What's important is that we wear the same colors. We're still brethren, as we were in the old days. Take up your weapons and prepare for battle. Perhaps those gods you've found will deign to aid us." -- Mascon
Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions 6/7/13 - ???

Part of Loyalist's Set

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