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Loyalist's Thigh Plates Epic Pants
Raid damage: 1075

Duel power: 133
Attack: 225
Defense: 175
Loyal to the End: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Loyalist item equipped

Pants loyalist
VI. "On the night after the battle, the night before we were to face Vorlge himself, Dahrizon summoned us to his tent. The other generals and I gathered there, expecting to hear some new stratagem our warlord had devised. But the moment we saw him we knew something was awry. His features were pale, and decades seemed to have descended on him in mere hours -- turning him into a man twice his natural years. His eyes were melancholy, haunted, and swam with other emotions I couldn't fathom. When he spoke, with a strange, troubled tongue, he told us of the things he had seen. I understood little of what he said, but three of his words echoed in my mind: 'the dark horizon'. Then he told us that he had to depart." -- Mascon
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 4/13/12 - 6/22/12, 9/1/2012-11/09/2012

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions 6/7/13 - ???

Part of Loyalist's Set

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