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Loyalist's Schynbalds Epic Boots
Raid damage: 1075

Duel power: 133
Attack: 225
Defense: 175
Loyal to the End: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Loyalist item equipped

Boots loyalist
VII. " Dahrizon rode off into the darkness, heading for his castle. The rest of us were left bewildered, unsure of what to do or even say. At last, when the shock of our circumstance faded, some decided that we should follow the warlord. His words had been enigmatic, but he seemed to believe he would face some danger at the end of his journey. So we pledged to aid him if we could. But others disagreed. They spat on the ground, cursed Dahrizon's name for abandoning us, and swore that they would lead the army to victory against Vorlge in his place. It was clear that neither side could sway the other. So we agreed to wake the other commanders and inform them of what had occurred." -- Mascon
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 4/13/12 - 6/22/12, 9/1/2012-11/09/2012

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions 6/7/13 - ???

Part of Loyalist's Set

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