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Lord Teclan's Cloak Rare Off Hand
Raid damage: 525

Duel power: 110
Attack: 105
Defense: 105
PvP Bonus: +40 power, +15 damage, +15 deflect

Shield lord teclans cloak
A vague smile crossed an elderly nobleman's face when a bandit stepped onto the moonlit path before him, and demanded his money. In his youth he had been something of a celebrated duelist. He wondered whether his skill had faded along with the color of his hair and the handsomeness of his visage... A moment later, when the robber lay in a pool of blood, he knew that they had not. With his enchanted cloak wrapped around one arm, and his dagger in his other hand, he was still more than a match for a lowly criminal. He smiled at this discovery, then continued on his way.
Obtained By:

Rare loot from Countess Serpina (Raid)

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