Quest Zone Released 5/1/2015 - Dawniversary 5, Week 1 Uncharted

Map zone24

The legacy lives on...

Uncharted is the 24th questing area released (listed as 16 on the map) in the game and becomes available after completing the zone All Roads Lead on at least normal difficulty.

Completing each of the 5 mission bosses in this zone on normal will unlock the following Raids.
Bad Blood (Raid), Way Warden (Raid), Draconic Dreams (Raid), Doppelganger (Raid)

← All Roads Lead Uncharted Thresholds →
Homestead | Road Less Traveled By | Stranger in a Strange Land | Bloodright


The Things We Learn

Random drops - Artifact of Home - Brown-Orange Mini Boss - Scrying Pool N 4500 Boss - Bad Blood

The Lies We Tell

The Paths We Take

The Masks We Wear

Road Less Traveled

Boss - Way Warden mini boss - Fey Drake - L 4500

Stranger In A Strange Land

Mini - Highwayman 4500 Legendary Boss - Draconic Dreams


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