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Locar Kessov's Golem Horse Epic Mount
Raid damage: 960

Duel power: 120
Attack: 200
Defense: 160
Redeemer's Steed: Chance for bonus damage against Dragons (+220%)

Locar kessovs golem horse
XIII. D'rach whispered to Cuthbert Kessov, shaping sweet lies and sweeter promises with his infernal tongue. The demon said he was a spirit, a creature trapped by black sorcery. He offered healing in exchange for his freedom, claiming that with his aid the nobleman could wear his father's armor and join the fighting with his head held high. And so Cuthbert did as bidden, burning with the desire to honor Locar's memory and join in the defense of West Kruna. Thus D'rach was freed. That night Cuthbert's body walked the castle clad in Locar's armor. But in turn a demon was clad in Cuthbert's flesh, while the man's soul screamed in anguish.
Obtained By:

Awarded for inflicting at least 750,000,001 damage on Kessov Castle raids from Darkness Within: Legacy of Kessov

Part of Locar Kessov's Set


  • Locar Kessov's Golem Horse is a part of one recipe.

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