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Lester the Jester Epic General
Legion damage: 228

Duel power: 63
Attack: 95
Defense: 95
Race human Human
Role tank Tank
Source special Special
Infinite Jest: Chance for bonus damage plus Bad Joke yell

Lester was such a terrible Jester that villagers gripped by famine would still throw their precious fruit and vegetables at him to shut him up. But Brough the trickster god was amused by his ineptitude, and bestowed on him the power to make people laugh uncontrollably.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions

Additional Info:

Bad Joke yells:

  • "Count Siculus walks into an inn, gives the innkeeper a big spike, and says, 'Put me up for the night.'"
  • "So, I scattered my wife's remains in the city gardens. The guards didn't like it - said I should have cremated her first."
  • "Ruth is such a miser, at banquets she licks other people's fingers clean."
  • "What's with Mina von Richten? The Red Prince and Count Siculus? Talk about a scarlet woman!"
  • "Aurelius Bloodwyn walks into a bar... The rest of us laugh at his misfortune."
  • "What happened when Mina von Richten fell in love? She became a neck-romancer!"
  • "What did the Colosseum fighter say when a lion ate his wife? Nothing - he was gladiator!"
  • "Lester the Jester helped you deal an additional 9,999,999,999 damage... You wish!"
  • "I hear villagers are leaving Faedark Valley. They're tired of Ataxes without representation!"
  • "Why wouldn't a hydra be a good quizmaster? It would stump all the contestants!"

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