Leonine watcher


Leonine Watcher is the third boss encounter for Crypt of Caracalla (Area: Swords, Sorcery, and Scholarship). As with all bosses, Leonine Watcher can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence leonine watcher Leonine Watcher Essence Used to summon Leonine Watcher (Raid) Leonine Watcher quest boss
Head leonine watcher Leonine Watcher's Head Used to craft Bracae Carae Leonine Watcher quest boss
Crypt of caracalla chest Chest of Caracalla Open to receive a lost treasure Ancient Skeleton (Mini Boss), Krugnug, Riddler Gargoyle, Leonine Watcher, Centurion Marius, Caracalla quest bosses
Emblem of caracalla brown Brown Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla grey Grey Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla green Green Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla blue Blue Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla purple Purple Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests
Emblem of caracalla orange Orange Emblem of Caracalla Craft x4 Stat Points Crypt of Caracalla quests and help requests


Enter Battle

Beyond the lines of orderly squares and circles, a short corridor brings them to the entrance of another, far larger and grander chamber -- which resembles the inside of a temple more than a room within a dungeon. Tail, fluted columns line the walls, stretching from the floor to a lofty vaulted ceiling capped at either end by an ornate pediment.

But they only notice these things in passing. Their three gazes are focused on the massive object in the middle of the chamber.

"How'd they get that thing in here?" Elyssa asks. "It's bigger than the doors."

Neither the adventurer nor the scholar has an answer for her.

The statue, hewn and sculpted from rough, reddish stone, is imposing -- and not simply for its size or mass. Its graven image is that of a might, ferocious beast. Powerful thews bunch around its thick limbs, across the great girth of its torso, and behind the majestic sweeps of its mane. The monument's mighty jaws are almost closed, yet somehow the sculptor's artful chisel has made it seem as though they might open at any moment, revealing even more of its dreadful teeth.

"There's some sort of writing on the side," Lucian says. "But I can't make it out from this angle."

"So..." Elyssa says. "You've been in a few dungeons before?"

"More than a few," Roland replies.

"What're the chances that it's a regular statue, that'll just stay put when we go past?"

"Almost none."

"That's what I thought."

The three of them advance, weapons at the ready, six eyes fastened on the leonine visage. Elyssa smirks when its jaws twitch.


The pyromancer's flames hiss like angry animals. Beneath where they scrabble for food and purchase, the reddish stone remains unblemished.

"My fire's not hurting it!"

"I suspect it's magical stone!" Lucian yells. The scholar is flapping around on her right, near the beast's flank.

Of course it's magical, you idiot! Normal stone doesn't try to kill you!"

On Elyssa's left, Roland's blades weave their tapestry of steel and crystal. But his fine swords are doing little more than inflicting a lattice of scratches upon the monster's hide. Then the adventurer is forced to dart away, when the lion rounds on him and lashes out with one of its heavy rock paws.

Lucian dashes to recapture his position by the beast's left flank.

"What are you doing?" Elyssa exclaims.

She hurls another torrent of impotent flame, and throws herself aside when her enemy pounces. The beast lands with a heavy crunch of stone.

Use that club of yours and hit it!" she says.

"I'm trying to translate the inscription! It might tell us something!"

The lion spins round again. Its eyes, now swimming with soft green light, glare at the elf. She tosses a fireball at its face. Meanwhile the adventurer slashes and thrusts at its hindquarters, and the scholar moves to renew his examination of the characters carved into the monster's hide.

"Ah! I have something! It says those who recite Ergilius' prayer may pass in safety!"

"Then do it!" Roland says.

"I... I don't know the words."

The scholar's companions groan.

"Wait! There's more! There's more! I-"

The lion turns to face him. Lucian gulps.

Elyssa sighs, and hurls another barrage of fireballs. They explode on the beast's side in rapid succession, leaving the leonine statue unscathed but doing what she intended nonetheless. Its great graven body lunges at her -- turning its inscription back to the scholar.

"Its mouth!" Lucian cries. "The magic is deep inside there!"

The flames flare up within her, eager to seize on this knowledge and avenge themselves upon the seemingly invulnerable thing. They fly from her fingers in long, burning tongues, straight at the beast's jaws.

"No!" the scholar says. "You're just hitting the inside of its mouth! Put your arm in there, and aim down its throat!"

"What? Think I want my arm bitten off? I-"

The lion roars and bucks. Roland is on its back now, somehow keeping his footing even as the monstr twists and rages.

"Get ready!" the adventurer says.

He leaps forward onto the lion's head, and straddles its neck. His boots and blades press down at the sides of its lower jaw, forcing its maw wide open.

It's insane. But Pyromancer Elyssa has never been too concerned with sanity.

She leaps at the sculpted stone mouth, and thrusts her right arm between its levered jaws. The flames gush forth.

The lion shudders. Its body trembles as though grabbed and shaken by mighty Terraclean arms. Cracks appear across its stone hide, lengthening like slithering snakes, widening until the greenness of its eyes throbs there as well. She pulls her arm out of its maw. The adventurer throws himself clear and hits the floor in a roll.

Stone jaws snap shut. The light in its eyes and wounds vanishes, faltering and dwindling to nothingness before their eyes. Within moments the leonine statue merely stands there, its imposing body scarred and unmoving, a battered, ruined sculpture and nothing more.



Additional Info

  • Normal - 4000 HP, Max Damage ≥ 2736
    received about 476 Damage with 3796 defense
  • Hard - 4800 HP, Max Damage ≥ 2731
  • Legendary - 6000 HP, Max Damage ≥ 3176
    received about 900 Damage with 3k defense, per round
  • Nightmare - 8000 HP, Max Damage ≥ 3307 (16100 att)
    received 578 Damage with 10000 defense
    358 - 485 Damage with 12500 defense

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