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Leo Novus Bite Main Hand
Raid damage: 1185

Duel power: 160
Attack: 235
Defense: 245
Lions and Men: Small chance for heavy bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Leo Novus item equipped

Main leo novus
Through heavy taxation (some go so far as to say 'extortion') of the commoners, Lord Chalmonser raised a respectable war fund. The military advisers he'd hired informed him that with so much gold he could equip a significant force. So they were quite aghast when he instead had a substantial portion melted down for the construction of aureate armor, and squandered further sums on artisans capable of fashioning it into magnificent leonine likenesses.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item 03/8/13 - 03/22/13 for 20 Planet Coins

Part of Leo Novus Set

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