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Legplates of Callissa Epic Pants
Raid damage: 75

Duel power: 38
Attack: 15
Defense: 15
Perception: 10
Increases Health by 50, Stamina by 5, Energy by 5; PvP Bonus: +25 power, +5 damage, +2 deflect

Pants callissa
IV. Blood daubed the paths and walls of Melops. The invaders' spears had pierced the breasts of young and old, man and woman, armed and unarmed alike. A myriad of massacres seemed to stare at Callissa from everywhere she turned. But the city was not yielding its place in the world without defiance. Other warriors had gathered, throwing together a desperate resistance, forming haphazard ranks and hurling themselves at their foes. So Callissa plunged into the melee, taking her station at the head of her people, and began to deal destruction.
Obtained By:

Formerly gained from Daily Rewards, now crafted with 2 Steel and 1 Arcane Essence.

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded to Mighty Legplates of Callissa with Pragmatic Relic Fragment

Part of Callissa's Set


  • Legplates of Callissa is a part of 2 recipes.

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