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Legendary items have Red names. With the exception of some items they are all unique items that need to be crafted. They are the best items for their slots at the time of release. Some legendaries can also be upgraded (SoCK and Shield of Ryndor)

This is to help all you new players (and some older ones) to obtain the legendaries:-

Currently there are 23 legendaries - -

->4 from raids: Mina, Sword of Conquered Kingdoms (SoCK), Kyddin's Signet, & Sargaash.

->6 fromquesting: Shield of Ryndor, Suneate of the Last Emperor,Hauberk of Gold, &Gauntlets of the Realm Walker, Dahrizon, Bracae Carae.

->2 from colosseum: Golden Wreath, Panoply of the Colossus .

->2 from duel:Betrayer's Deserts and Parry and Riposte .

->The Golden Garden Set- A set of 9 legendary items which are a obtained as a rare perception drop .

1) Everyone can get all the Quest/Raid legends if they play long enough as there are no real stat requirements. The Colosseum legends however require you to beat others at PvP. This means you need decent Atk to get it.

2) Quest legends need LOTS of energy as items are random drops from quest bosses. Repeating quests multiple times is needed to get the drops. Higher difficulty levels have better chance of dropping craft pieces. To get these legendaries without taking ages invest in over 1000 Energy or buy refills.

3) Raid legends are easiest to get as they require relatively low dmg from the raids to drop. The key is to stick to the optimum dmg range to maximise epics per stam invested. Fair share dmg drops 1 epic but it may take 3x fair share to get 2 epics so its better to hit multiple raids at AP/fair share dmg than invest it all into one raid.

4) Mina & Kyddin are only nightmare (NM) mode. SoCK is any difficulty but because of overlap with Mina raids you might as well start with NM. If you get the Mina part before you get the SoCK part you can revert to normal mode.

5) In case it is still not clear, Raid legends are from crafting Epic loot from Raid bosses and Quest legends are from crafting drops from Quest bosses. e.g. Circle of Bloodmane will not drop from raiding Bloodmane. You have to complete all the subquests in the first section of Ryndor to unlock the quest boss and then defeat him.

6) Craft parts for Heubark and Suneate can drop from Gifts so I advise doing the Shield Ryndor & Gauntlet legends first and then picking up the Heubark/Suneate pieces you did not get from gifts.


(Raid of any difficulty) Dmg listed is fair share for normal raids. The drop rates is 5-20% of epics with Lurking Horror and Gravlok giving the lowest return. I have listed the location to get the summoning essence in [brackets] if you want to summon your own raids. However you don't need to be able to summon a raid to get the craft parts. You can join other people's raid from the forum or your FB wall

- Blade of Eldarun: Raid Loot - Erebus Fallows Zone 4] (600k=2 epic) or Tainted(1m=1 epic)

- Blade of Anothia: Raid Loot - Gravlok [Fallows Zone 3] (500k=1 epic)

- Carnus Crest: Raid Loot - Lurking Horror Faedark Zone 3] (350k=1 epic, 800k=2 epic)

- Carnus Hilt: Raid Loot - Grune Burden Zone 3] (200k = 1 epic)

Mina von RichtenEdit

(NM raids only) Aim for AP or 2x AP dmg. Drop rates are rarer than SoCK pieces so you need to hit more raids. I have listed the location to get the summoning essence in [brackets] if you want to summon your own raids. However you don't need to be able to summon a raid to get the craft parts. You can join other people's raid from the forum or your FB wall .

To unlock summoning essence for Tainted Erebus: defeat Erebus quest boss in NM

- Grune's Blood: Raid Loot - Grune [Burden Zone 3] (AP dmg = 200k)

-Lurking Horror's Blood: Raid Loot - Lurking Horror [Faedark Zone 3] (AP dmg = 350k)

- Gravlok's Blood: Raid Loot - Gravlok [Fallows Zone 3] (AP dmg = 500k)

- Erebus' Blood: Raid Loot - Erebus [Fallows Zone 4] (AP dmg = 600k)

- Tainted Erebus' Blood: Raid Loot - Tainted Erebus (AP dmg = 1m)

Kyddin's SignetEdit

(NM raids only) These raids have less attackers than SoCK/Mina so you may need to do fair share rather than AP to get raids killed. I have listed the location to get the summoning essence in [brackets] if you want to summon your own raids. However you don't need to be able to summon a raid to get the craft parts. You can join other people's raid from the forum or your FB wall

- Kyddin's First Map:Raid Loot - Bloodmane Ryndor Zone 1] (1.4 mil =1 epic)

- Kyddin's Second Map:Raid Loot - Kerberos [Ryndor Zone 2] (700k-1.4m=1 epic, 2-4m=2 epic)

- Kyddin's Third Map:Raid Loot - Hydra [Ryndor Zone 3] (650k-1.3 mil =1 epic)

- Kyddin's Fourth Map:Raid Loot - Sir Cai [Ryndor Zone 4] (1.4-3m =1 epic)

- Kyddin's Fifth Map:Raid Loot - Tyranthius [Ryndor Zone 5] (1.2m=1 epic, 2.5m=2 epic)

Shield of RyndorEdit

(Parts drop from Quest bosses - not Raid bosses. Better chance at higher difficulty)

Drop rates were increased when the upgraded version became available.

- Circle of Bloodmane: Quest Boss Loot - Bloodmane (Ryndor 1)

- Circle of Kerberos: Quest Boss Loot - Kerberos (Ryndor 2)

- Circle of Hydra: Quest Boss Loot - Hydra(Ryndor 3)

- Circle of Sir Cai: Quest Boss Loot - Sir Cai (Ryndor 4)

- Circle of Tyranthius: Quest Boss Loot - Tyranthius (Ryndor 5)

Suneate of the Last EmperorEdit

First you craftMisako's Essence: Each Vornstaag quest boss drops a piece and the ring is Epic loot from any Vornstaag raid. Quest pieces can also drop from Gifting

- Misako's Ring:Ironclad, Zombie Horde, Bogstench, Stein, Nalagarst Raids

- Misako's Journal Page (I): Quest Boss Loot - Ironclad (Vornstaag Quest 1)

- Misako's Journal Page (II): Quest Boss Loot - Zombie (Vornstaag Quest 2)

-Misako's Journal Page (III): Quest Boss Loot - Stein (Vornstaag Quest 3)

- History of Carnus the Warwalker: Quest Boss Loot - Bogstench (Vornstaag Quest 4)

- Eurydice's Compendium of Curses: Quest Boss Loot - Nalagarst (Vornstaag Quest 5)

Then you summon Misako to fight (buy personal runes) and get Misako's Cleansed Ring as a raid drop.

Hauberk of GoldEdit

First you craft Mestr Rekkr Essence: Each Bludheim quest boss drops a piece but you can sometimes get from gifting.

- Wrestling Contest Invitation: Quest Boss Drop - Gunnar the Berserk (Bludheim 1)

- Alte Armatur und Ringkunst: Quest Boss Drop - Nidhogg (Bludheim 2)

- Flos Duellatorum: Quest Boss Drop - Kang-Gsod(Bludheim 3)

-Gladiatoria: Quest Boss Drop - Ulfrik (Bludheim 4)

- What Ya Gonna Do?: Quest Boss Drop - Kalaxia (Bludheim 5)

- Stylin' and Profilin': Quest Boss Drop - Kalaxia (Bludheim 5 - very rare drop)

Then you summonMestr Rekkr to fight (buy personal runes) and get Championship Belt as a raid drop.

Note: Kalaxia Quest boss drops 2 diff pieces. The Stylin' and Profilin' is a much rarer drop

Sargaash the ConquerorEdit

(Combine original Sargaash with Trophies of Honor & Proof of Courage)

Sargaash the Mighty (original) is epic loot from any difficulty Erubus/Tainted raid.

All craft parts from raids. Magma Horror Essence is random drop from Subterranean Depths Quest Bosses. Once you have the essence you can summon the personal raid which has 200k health and 24 hr timer. Only you can participate in personal raid. You can resummon the Magma Horror every 6hrs.

Trophies of Honor

Magma Horror's Eye - Personal Raid Summon of Magma Horror (Possible Loot)

Blood infused Magma - Personal Raid Summon of Magma Horror (Possible Loot)

Guilbert's Stone - NM Guilbert the Mad (Raids) (2.2-4.4m =1 epic)

Wexxa's Mask- NM Wexxa the Worm-Tamer (Raids) (1.1-2.2m =1 epic)

Shards of the Erakka-Sak - NM Erakka-Sak (Raids) (1.24-2.5m =1 epic)

Maraak's Shards - NM Maraak the Impaler (Raids) (3mil =1 epic)

Proof of Courage

Tainted Heart of Erebus Raid Loot - NM Tainted Erebus

Nalagarst's Bone- Raid Loot -NM Nalagarst

Kalaxia's other Eye Raid Loot - NM Kalaxia Bellarius' Claw - Raid Loot - NM Bellarius the Guardian

Gauntlets of the Realm WalkerEdit

(Parts drop from Quest bosses - not Raid bosses. Better chance at higher difficulty)

- Hargamesh's Stinger: Quest Boss Loot - Hargamesh (Together in Eclectic Dreams Zone 1)

- Grimsly's Diploma: Quest Boss Loot - Grimsly (Together in Eclectic Dreams Zone 2)

- Rift the Mauler's Hand: Quest Boss Loot - Rift (Together in Eclectic Dreams Zone 3)

- Music in a Bottle: Quest Boss Loot - Sisters (Together in Eclectic Dreams Zone 4)

- Mardachus' Claw: Quest Boss Loot - Mardachus (Together in Eclectic Dreams Zone 5)

-Mysterious Emblem: Quest drop ("Better Part of Valor", "Strangers in in a Strange Land", and "Awakening" quests in Hargamesh Zone)

Golden WreathEdit

- Master Gladiator Rank 12: 25600 Colosseum Points (CP) (30500 CP on AG). Assuming you win all 20 battles per day against opponent of your rank (6 CP each) it wil take 213 days. The only way to speed it up is to get lots of defensive wins, beat people above you, or buy tokens. Obviously if you lose battles or others attack you and beat you then you lose CPs and it will take longer.

Panoply of the ColossusEdit

- Master of the Colosseum Rank 16: 76800 Colosseum Points (CP).

Upgraded LegendariesEdit

Sock Upgraded (NM raids only for raid Stones) (Combine original SoCK with the stones) Drop rates of raid parts is low so the key again is to maximise the number of epics from stam invested. i.e. do lots of raids at lower dmg rather than pour it all into one raid. You can expect to do 10-20 raids for each stone (some people need more but others have been luckier) Quest stones drop from clicking on any of the subquests listed. They do not come from Quest bosses. Higher drop rate from higher quest difficulty but may still need 2-3 runs to get. Shift + Click to reset an area's difficulty if you have made it thru NM quests without obtaining the stone.

  1. Stone of Farzak: Raid Loot - Kalaxia
  2. Stone of Xarabesh: Raid Loot - Lord Tyranthius
  3. Stone of Lyrpan: Raid Loot - Bogstench
  4. Stone of D'rach: Quest Drop - any sub-quest in Vornstaag "Cemetery"
  5. Stone of Arach: Quest Drop - any sub-quest in Ryndor "The Tomb" and "Plains:Mad Dogs"
  6. Stone of Zuxala: Quest Drop - any sub-quest in Bludheim "Terracles Meander"

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