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Kyrose the Vampiress General
Legion damage: 360

Duel power: 93
Attack: 155
Defense: 125
Race undead Undead
Role melee Melee
Source agility Agility
Bite of Justice: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to restore Health

Kyrose the vampiress
She thought that death had come for her. The forces of man had won the battle, but not without a terrible cost. Kyrose lay beside the corpses of the beastmen slain by her blade, a bleeding form amongst hundreds of others. However, her plight did not go unnoticed. A vampire warrior had witnessed her courage amidst the fray, and sought her out within that charnel house of war. His crimson kiss found her just in time... She thought that death had come for her. And so it had. But for some death is only the start of another chapter in their tale...
Obtained By:

Bazaar 1Gold - Halloween 2011 - permanent addition

Additional Info:

A stronger versoin of Kyrose


Commemorates Kyrose, winner of the Halloween Costume Contest Contest (October 2011)


  • Kyrose the Vampiress is a part of one recipe.

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