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Krykagrius Claw Blade Rare Main Hand
Raid damage: 600

Duel power: 80
Attack: 120
Defense: 120
+1500 Attack against Echidna

Main krykagrius claw blade
Prophecies are funny things. A simple misreading or misinterpretation may bring a man to his doom or even destroy an empire. Perhaps this serves to amuse the gods, who delight in seeing what comes of counching the inscrutable in the apparent. No matter... Let them laugh, as you wager your life on the vagaries of foretelling.
Obtained By:


Additional Info:

Can be upgraded to the Echidnan Blade Whip with an Echidna Scale

Part of Sluriasmic Set


  • Krykagrius Claw Blade is a part of 3 recipes.

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