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Kowra Snowfur Epic General
Legion damage: 780

Duel power: 250
Attack: 300
Defense: 450
Race felpuur Felpuur
Role tank Tank
Source wisdom Wisdom
Wisdom of the Tundra: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each Wisdom troop in the active legion; Extra damage against Winter raids

Few felpuur care for Nordent. They prefer sunnier climes, where they may go about with little more than their fur covering them. Yet Kowra journeyed to that cold and inhospitable land so she could learn runic magic from its denizens. The Nord shamans, bemused but eager to teach one so keen, asked her which rune she wished to know first.

"One for warmth," she replied through chattering teeth.

Obtained By:

Citadel: Barracks Level 3 (unlocked with Barracks Scroll 2)

Additional Info:

Can be boosted by Kowra Snowfur Boost

Bonus vs Winter was added in the January 8th 2016 patch

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