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Kote of the Wandering Warrior Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 527

Duel power: 81
Attack: 95
Defense: 147
Perception: 78
Skill of the Ronin: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Wandering Warrior item equipped

Gloves wandering warrior
V. Within a short time Akiyama came to be regarded as the greatest of Nawanashi's guards. Many assassins fell to his twin blades -- and many more refused to accept any contracts which would set them against the ferocious bodyguard. But for all his success, Akiyama remained as he had always been. His confidence in his skills was boundless, and he scoffed at those of his fellow bodyguards who spent their leisure hours meditating or reading treatises on war or philosophy. What need had he for such things, when his swordsmanship was unsurpassed?
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions

Part of Wandering Warrior Set

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