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Knight's Code: Volume I Epic Armament
Raid damage: 2500

Duel power: 583
Attack: 250
Defense: 1500
Armament support Support
Increases Player's Attack and Defense against Campaigns by 500; Gains 1,000 Attack and Defense if Nerva is owned; Increases Honor by 50

Support item
Page VI: Chivalry in an Unchivalrous Age
"A knight's honor is his livelihood. Remember that you represent not only yourself but the very code you swore to uphold when you were knighted. While it is true that each code is different in its own way, all adhere to a strict series of tenets that you are to uphold even under extreme duress. For without our honor we are no better than the beasts we slay."

You continue reading through the heavy book and find many similar sections about honor and courage despite the odds along with a twenty page explanation about the intricacies and expectations of accepting the kerchief of a maiden during a joust and the potential ramifications if you fail to do so.

Obtained By:

Yathestraz the Covetous (Campaign Raid)