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Kerundi the Soul-Saver General
Legion damage: 836

Duel power: 243
Attack: 340
Defense: 390
Race dwarf Dwarf
Role melee Melee
Source wisdom Wisdom
Axe of Absolution: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Beastmen

"Blasphemy! Heresy! Those beastmen worship the dragons. Dragons! Worship them, like they were gods! What do you reckon the real gods think about all that malarkey? I'll tell you! They don't like it! At least my one doesn't. That's why I'm here, to save those bastards from burning in hell forever. The goddess of the stone spoke to me when I was praying. And she said if we smite them with our holy axes, she'll show mercy on their souls. Just a few thousand years of torment, and their sins will be washed clean. Even a stinking beastman deserves to be set right in the eyes of the gods, and I'm the dwarf to see to it. Now where are they? And if you know any other unrepentant sinners, you can send them my way too." -- Kerundi the Soul-Saver
Obtained By:

Ear for Poetry Box


Kerundi big

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