Kerberos is the second boss encounter for Ryndor (Area: The Tomb). As with all bosses, Kerberos can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Ryndorshield2 Circle of Kerberos Used as an ingredient to craft Shield of Ryndor Kerberos Quest Boss
Essence kerberos Kerberos Essence Used to summon Kerberos (Raid) Kerberos quest boss
Gloves ruthic Ruthic Vambraces 32 32 40 16 Increases Stamina by 1 Quest boss Kerberos


Enter battle

Broken imps and hellhounds are strewn across the ground, as bizarre and unnatural in death as they were in life. As monstrous as the beastmen and ogres were, at least they felt like creatures of this world – flesh and fur, blood and skin. But simply looking upon the remains of these fiends fills your mind with a sense of wrongness. These things don’t belong here. Not in West Kruna. Not even in this world.

You’re about to give voice to this, when an immense howl bellows from inside the cave. Your work here isn’t done yet.

"What’s in there?" Roland asks the nearest scholar.

"We… we don’t know," he replies. "Those… things came at us as soon as we removed the seal."

Weapons at the ready, you and your companions slowly enter the cave, wondering what horrors still lie in store for you.

In the middle of the cave floor is a pool of the same lava-like substance that threaded the bodies of the hounds and imps. From it protrudes a fearsome canine head, many times larger than those of the beasts you dispatched outside. It gives an angry howl, twitching back and forth, and the orange pool expands as it forces its way through. Two lumps rise up, one on either side of the head. Then the ‘lava’ parts around them, and each is revealed as another head. The creature’s entire monstrous form follows, all three heads alternately howling and growling as it advances on you.


Two heads are lifeless, dragging along the ground as the third snaps at you in impotent rage, desperately trying to lunge as its limbs falter beneath it.

Roland approaches the beast from one side, fending off the snapping jaws with his twin swords. Marcus strikes as it's distracted, burying his blade in the creature's demonic neck. It thrashes for a moment, then collapses and lies still.

Behind it the orange pool shrinks, drawing back into itself, leaving only singed rock in its wake. In a moment it's no larger than a dinner plate. then a coin. Then the head of a pin. Then it's gone.

"Fiend portal," grunts Roland. "Only so much can go through one before it runs out of whatever makes it work."

"Infernal energy," says a voice from behind you.

You turn, and see the scholar you saved from the hellhounds. He's still clutching the big, red leather-bound book.

"What-" you begin. Then you look around realizing the need for discretion, but Marcus is already issuing orders to the troops, sending them out of the cave to tend to the wounded. Soon only your commanders remain, and you can speak freely. "What happened here? You were supposed to be looking for Tyranthius' tomb."

"We thought we'd found it. This cave was sealed with magic wards. The stone in front of it was enchanted, made to blend into the rock face. Just like the legends said. But when we got it open, demons burst out."

"Imps and hellhounds are minor fiends," says Medea, ominous chords accompanying her words. "They can't come into this world unless a more powerful creature summons them."

"Quite right," says the scholar. "The bigger ones must have summoned them."

"Bigger ones?" you ask, dreading where the conversation is about to go.

"Ah..." says the scholar. "In all the commotion, they did rather slip my mind. There were larger creatures. Those are the ones that came out first, that killed Yorick and Gareth. Then they just ignored the rest of us, and headed east. That's when the imps and hellhounds started pouring out of the cave, and... well, they rather distracted us, you see."

Roland grabs the scholar by his robes, and yanks him up until they're standing almost nose to nose.

"You mean there are demons loose out there?" he roars.

"Y..yes!" says the scholar. "We... we should probably do something about them, shouldn't we?"

"Bah!" Roland drops the scholar, then turns to you. "I'll get the men ready. All those able to right. We have to go after those fiends, before they can do any damage."

He heads out of the cave, the others following in his wake. Except for Medea, who grabs hold of your arm with one hand as you move towards the entrance, her other on the strings of her harp, as always.

"This is Tyranthius' tomb," she says, her tune ringing with the force of her conviction.

"Then where's Tyranthius?" you ask.

"Are all humans this stupid?" she replies, her song jumping into a blend of mockery and despair. "Where do you think those demons came from?"

"From hell?" you respond.

"Idiot!" Medea gives one final strum of her harp, illustrating her annoyance far better than any words could, then storms out of the cave.

Unpleasant thoughts fill your mind. But you shove them aside. You don't have time to contemplate them. Perhaps you don't wish to.

You leave the cave, and prepare to ride. Those demons have to be hunted down.


The infernal hound's cacophonous barks echo around the cave behind you, and you hear its jaws snapping at your companions as they continue the battle. You have to return to the fight...


Kerberos is named after the three headed hell-hound, Cerberus. Kerberos is an alternate spelling.