Z6 a3 boss


Kang-Gsod is the third boss encounter for Bludheim (Area: Terracles' Meander). As with all bosses, Kang-Gsod can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Essence kang Kang-Gsod Essence Used to summon Kang-Gsod (Raid) Kang-Gsod quest boss
Pants bjorn Hrolf's Fur Breeches 55 55 69 50 Increases Energy by 5 Quest Boss - Kang-Gsod
Manual 2 Flos Duellatorum Used as an ingredient to craft Mestr Rekkr Essence and Hauberk of Gold Kang-Gsod quest boss


Enter battle:

Your forces move through the cave system like a flood of water, penetrating each chamber, each hidden nook and cranny – allowing none to escape you. Beastmen are slain wherever they are found, cut down and left to a slow decomposition on the cold rock.

You’re just walking away from the corpses of three of the creatures when you hear the screams and shouts, echoing from another part of the cave network. These sounds are human, cries of agony far removed from the bestial howls of dead and dying beastmen.

You run towards the noise, passing from cavern to cavern. The screams and bellows grow louder, their desperation and anguish greater. Then, in one sudden rush of silence, they’re gone – and you hear only the sound of running feet as you and your companions converge on the entrance to a large chamber carved out in the rock.

The scene within that cavern is horrific, and would once have turned your stomach.

Several warriors lie dead and broken on the ground. One has his neck twisted at a grotesque angle, as if it’s a mannequin sprawled there, rather than a man. A woman’s arm has been torn from her shoulder, and lies a short distance from her corpse – ripped away and then tossed aside. And you see the remains of what must be the Nord sentries. There’s a corpse suspended from the cave’s roof by its feet, wedged into the ice there. Next to it two other legs are suspended, but these end in stumps. From the bones scattered nearby, their owner’s fate is no mystery.

In the midst of all this abomination is its architect. The creature crouches on all fours, its immense bulk resting upon the gnarled knuckles of appendages that resemble human hands, and seem all the more monstrous for it. The arms that bear its weight are massive, almost as long as the creature’s entire body, and nearly as thick as its broad chest. Powerful slabs of muscle bulge beneath the white fur that sheathes them, vicious thews twitching with the promise of savage violence. The beast opens its jaws, piercing fangs framing its bestial maw. A roar thunders forth, and reverberates across the cavern. This at least is familiar, even if the creature is not. It’s a noise you’ve heard a hundred times before, blurring together in spite of differences in pitch and volume. In the end the monsters all sound the same, and they all die the same…


"A yeti," says Aesa, as she wipes the flat of her blade along a patch of its fur, leaving a crimson smear in its wake. "My mother told stories of such creatures."

"I've killed a lot of things from stories," you reply, gazing down at the bodies of your warriors. "The world is full of them these days."

By the entrance to the cavern, Marcus is issuing orders with practiced ease. At his command, the dead are gathered together and draped in furs - the best you can do for them until you have the opportunity to move them elsewhere. This done, he strides over to you, wearing a grim expression.

"If these things seized the valley, that may mean that they were trying to cut off aid to Hralborg," Marcus muses. "The fortress could be under siege."

"Hralborg's walls are sturdy," says Aesa. "No enemy has ever overcome its defenses. But we should hurry. If we come upon them while they're laying siege, we can grind them between our forces."