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Isabelle the Hell Hunter Epic General
Legion damage: 1280

Duel power: 240
Attack: 620
Defense: 100
Race human Human
Role melee Melee
Source agility Agility
Infernal Hunter: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Undead; Separate chance for heavy bonus damage; Extra heavy damage against Undead

X. Isabelle learned the ways of the infernal realm, saw nuance where before she and the crusaders had seen only foes to slaughter. Not all demons sought to murder and torture humans. Some ignored her, paid her no more heed than she'd once paid the lowly beasts of the field and forest. Others were willing to speak with her -- amused by her plight or curious to know more of her world. She began to understand that hell wasn't a single kingdom, but a myriad fiefdoms that traded, allied, or warred as the mood took them.
Obtained By:

Old Foes (World Raid)

Additional Info:

Hell Hunter's Steed Isabelle the Hell Hunter Hell Hunter Recruit
Part of Hell Hunter's Set