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Insecticide Epic Legion

3 Generals: 1 Human/Tank/Strength, 1 Human/Melee/Strength, 1 Human/Ranged/Agility
30 Troops: 10 Human/Tank/Strength, 10 Human/Melee/Strength, 10 Human/Ranged/Agility
Power Bonus: +500% vs N'rlux

Greatly increased damage vs N'rlux; Chance to find a N'rlux Eye
Legion 1
The commander counted the creature's legs, then explained to the woman that he and his men were trained to battle insects. And since the thing destroying her village appeared to have more than six legs, it was hence beyond their remit. She simply glowered at him, however, until he sighed and agreed to dispatch the beast.
Obtained By:

Crafting together components from Guild Raids - Krasgore, Xessus of the Grim Wood, Malchar the Tri-Eyed

Additional Info:

Future reward 2x Stat Points.

Web VersionRecipe

  • Insecticide is a part of one recipe.

Mobile Version Recipe

  • Insecticide is a part of one recipe.
Insecticide Legions
Krasgores toe
Xessus horn
Malchars glove
Legion 1

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