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Insania Schynbalds Epic Boots
Raid damage: 760

Duel power: 150
Attack: 120
Defense: 280
Perception: 40
Cheesed Off: Chance for bonus damage; Increases Health by 250

Boots insania
V. Guilbert informed Anroi that he was the greatest sorcerer in the history of cheese. This confused the adventurer, but he knew that cheese had been around for a considerable length of time, an thus he was duly impressed. He asked Guilbert to enchant his armor, and the mad mage agreed -- on condition that he gather the reagents for a spell Guilbert was working on. Anroi did as bidden, collecting sundry nonsensical articles for him, slaying monsters when one of their body parts was needed. And the mage kept his half of the bargain, imbuing Anroi's armor with eldritch purple energy that would smite anyone eating blue cheese or oysters in his vicinity.
Obtained By:

Rare drop from minibosses while questing in Scrolls of Dahrizon

Part of Insania Set

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