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Insania Armet Epic Helm
Raid damage: 760

Duel power: 150
Attack: 120
Defense: 280
Perception: 40
Cheesed Off: Chance for bonus damage; Increases Health by 250

Helm insania
I. Anroi's earliest memories were of miracles. He remembered sitting on his father's shoulders, raised above the heads of the little crowd that had gathered on the village common, and watching wonders take place before his awed eyes. The men in robes made fire dance in the air. They made beautiful creatures of multicolored light run and frolic across the grass. Blue lions pounced on green deer, bursting into showers of purple doves that winged their way into the sky. Djinn popped out of lamps and threw incandescent explosions over the delighted audience.
Obtained By:

Rare drop from minibosses while questing in Scrolls of Dahrizon

Part of Insania Set

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