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Infernal Knight's Cuisses Uncommon Pants
Raid damage: 140

Duel power: 19
Attack: 28
Defense: 28
Infernal Machinations: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Ryndor raids; Extra damage for each additional piece of Infernal Knight armor worn

Pants fire lorax
IV. The flaws and failings of man are sweet morsels to demonkind. In the burning abyss they sup on anger and deceit, lust and vanity. Lady Enid's wails reached down to that horrific place, and tingled in the ears of Xarabesh. The great fiend laughed and licked his lips, for he sensed that the woman would make a fitting tool.
Obtained By:

Infernal Ambusher

Part of Infernal Knight's Set

Web VersionRecipe

  • Infernal Knight's Cuisses is a part of one recipe.

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