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Infernal Champion's Cuirass Uncommon Chest
Raid damage: 800

Duel power: 107
Attack: 160
Defense: 160
Infernal Machinations: Chance for bonus damage; Huge bonus damage against Ryndor raids; Extra damage for each additional piece of Infernal Champion armor worn.

Chest infernal champion

Chest infernal champion f

II. Enid had been a shy and demure girl, praised by other noblewomen for her kindness and courtesy. But the longing gazes of a hundred admirers were like serpents slithering in her soul. They bit vanity's venom deep into her heart, until she cared for naught but her beauty and the attention it brought.
Obtained By:

Craft together using the following components:

Part of Infernal Champion's Set

Web VersionRecipe

  • Infernal Champion's Cuirass is a part of one recipe.

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