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Indigo Celeta Helm
Raid damage: 632

Duel power: 87
Attack: 124
Defense: 136
Perception: 60
In Pursuit of Justice: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Indigo piece equipped

Helm indigo
6. Meura was incensed at the savage murder. But she was too deep in her cups to do anything but cry out in anger as the knight left the tavern - knocking aside those few sober and courageous enough to stand in her way. Perhaps it was due to the drink, or else because in that moment of outrage her own criminality seemed insignificant compared to what she had witnessed, but the felpuur reused to let the crime go unpunished. She staggered to the nearest watch house and denounced the knight.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinPlanet Coins - Limited Time Item, available for 20 Planet Coins from 12/2/11 until 12/16/11, Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 11/09/12 - 02/08/13

Part of Indigo Set

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