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Imperial Senator's Corona Epic Helm
Raid damage: 575

Duel power: 67
Attack: 125
Defense: 75
Perception: 50
Iulian Way of Life: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Imperial Senator's Sceptrum or Imperial Senator's Codex are owned; Increases Attack by 100, Defense by 50 and Perception by 50 if Imperial Senator's Toga is owned

Helm imperial senator
X. The two tribes met in bloody strife, and Iul's enemies learned that the son was greater than his father. His spears flew with unerring aim and terrible strength, skewering his foes and leaving their bodies fastened together on the ground. His sword -- that had first been his mother's, then his father's -- flashed like the lightning of the heavens as it hewed men limb from limb, head from neck. Among Iul's people, there were those who had grumbled when he became chieftain. But now they cried out in pride at their ruler's deeds.
Obtained By:

Rare loot from Leonine Watcher (Raid)

Part of Imperial Senator's Set

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