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Imperial Senator's Bracae Epic Pants
Raid damage: 575

Duel power: 67
Attack: 125
Defense: 75
Perception: 50
Iulian Way of Life: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Imperial Senator's Sceptrum or Imperial Senator's Codex are owned; Increases Attack by 100, Defense by 50 and Perception by 50 if Imperial Senator's Toga is owned

Pants imperial senator
XIII. Beyond the Euriplus lay the most coveted land for many hundreds of miles. Great rivers and fertile expanses, mountains filled with good stone and metal... Its riches were proverbial among the tribes, and it was said that their ancestors had once dwelled there -- before the Galii had driven them out and settled there, making it the heart of their dominion. Now the Galii held power over a vast swath of East Kruna, and received tribute from many dozens of settlements. Iul swore before the tribes that he would win back that ancestral land.
Obtained By:

Rare loot from Centurion Marius (Raid)

Part of Imperial Senator's Set

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