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Imperial General's Bracae Epic Pants
Raid damage: 625

Duel power: 83
Attack: 125
Defense: 125
Iulian Way of War: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Imperial General's Gladius or Imperial General's Scutum are owned; Increases Attack by 135 and Defense by 135 if Imperial General's Lorica is owned

Pants imperial general
VI. Nerusa was a vengeful woman, who would gladly have plucked the eyes from Khises' head had it been in her power, and swallowed them. Her scheme had been to raise the child as her own, knowing that he would have both his father's might and a portion of his mother's divine strength. She would have kept his parentage a secret, and fashioned him into a weapon -- the man who would slay Khises. But as the child grew older, and she tended to him as any mother would, Nerusa couldn't find it in her heart to deceive him. Thus when he was old enough to understand the true import of her words, she told him all. Iul's love and loyalty lay with her, however. He told her that he would kill Khises, and grant her revenge over the chieftain.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Centurion Marius (Raid)

Part of Imperial General's Set

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