Hydra is the third boss encounter for Ryndor (Area: Forbidden Forest). As with all bosses, Hydra can also be battled in a raid with 4 available levels: Normal, Hard, Legendary and Nightmare.


Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Ryndorshield3 Circle of the Hydra Used as an ingredient to craft Shield of Ryndor Hydra Quest Boss
Essence hydra Hydra Essence Used to summon Hydra (Raid) Hydra quest boss
Magictorch Magic Torch Prevents raid bosses from regenerating lost body parts Hydra or Bogstench quest bosses
Boots ruthic Ruthic Greaves 32 32 40 16 Increases Stamina by 1 Hydra quest boss in Ryndor


Enter battle

The treant topples over, its trunk as rigid and lifeless as that of a normal tree. It crashes to the ground, its upper half landing on the portal and smashing the creatures which were attempting to clamber from it. Orange globules are thrown into the air, and come down smoldering on the dirt. The treant begins to sink into the infernal substance, its roots rising into the air as its upper half disappears into whatever demonic realm lies beyond that lava-like surface. Then its entire body slides into the greedy orange pool, which contracts around it like a swallowing maw. A moment more and both treant and portal are gone.

"That treant had seen centuries come and go," says one of the druids, an ancient, grey-bearded elf. "The forest will mourn his loss."

“Um… yes,” you say, not quite sure how one should properly eulogize a tree – even a walking one.

"You’re hunting those demons?" he asks.

"Yes," you reply. "And we should leave, before they get away from us."

The druid nods. “Of course. Such creatures cannot be permitted to remain in our realm. They are an affront to the natural order. We would offer our help, but we have a task of our own. We came here in pursuit of a-”

"Hydra!" screams a voice.

A great hissing fills the air. It seems that whatever the druids were hunting has found them instead, perhaps attracted by the sounds of combat. Seven huge snake heads emerge from the trees, writhing at the end of long, sinuous necks. Red eyes glimmer with predatory sharpness, and forked tongues slide out past brutal fangs, trembling in the air as if seeking prey to taste.

"Fire!" yells Lucian, the scholar. His voice sounds strangely elated at the prospect of fighting such a monster. "Fireballs, torches, flaming arrows – anything! Chop off the heads, and burn the necks!"

First a three-headed dog, now a seven-headed snake. What a life…


The last head falls twitching to the ground, and the last bloody neck stump is cauterized with fire. The thick serpentine body collapses beside its severed heads, thrashing for a moment before growing still.

"Another academic theory validated," remarks Lucian, apparently to himself. He pokes one of the pages of his book with an inky index finger, and smiles in satisfaction. "Brilliance! Sheer brilliance!"

"That monster has cost us valuable time," says Marcus. "We should hurry."

You nod your agreement, and order those well enough to ride or march to move out. You're about to assign some healers to remain behind with the wounded, when the ancient druid speaks.

"We'll tend to your injured," he says. "Go. Destroy the fiends."

You speak a few hasty words of thanks, then ride off. After what you've already been through, it's difficult to imagine that your day's work isn't yet done. But there are still demons to be slain. And there are still unpleasant thoughts running through your mind, which you know you'll soon have to confront.


You dart behind the nearest tree, gasping for breath. The giant seven-headed serpent is a ferocious enemy. You need to come up with a better plan of attack...

Additional Info

  • Nightmare - 1260 HP, 200 Max Damage