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Hobby Horse Mount
Raid damage: 5700

Duel power: 500
Attack: 1400
Defense: 100
Low Rider: 11% chance to deal 400% damage; Extra 50% damage for each Hobby Horse owned (MAX: 10); Extra 300% damage against Siege and Winter raids; Extra 25% damage against Siege and Winter raids for each Hobby Horse owned (MAX: 10);

Hobby horse mount
"I've done it!" Norman exclaimed as he held his wooden creation aloft, beaming with pride "I've created the perfect solution to those foul smelling beasts! A horse which requires no food and leaves no waste; Bosso will rue the day he banished me from his workshop when a legion of knights majestically ride into battle astride THESE babies!" he patted the wooden horse for emphasis.

You clear your throat as you look the creation up and down and softly ask, "does... it come with a saddle or..." Norman glares at you as he slams the wooden horse down on his table, leaving cracks in the wood and causing splinters to fly, "a marginally uncomfortable riding experience is a small price to pay for the lengthy list of benefits provided by this magnificent beast!" Norman takes a deep breath and a wicked smile once again dances upon his face, "Now, how many shall I put you down for? I was thinking we start small, perhaps a thousand and then..." Norman's voice trails off as you slowly back out of his ramshackle workshop to make your escape.

Obtained By:

Unfit Toy Chest


  • Hobby Horse is a part of one recipe.