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Heroic Gauntlets of Callissa Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 1000

Duel power: 268
Attack: 200
Defense: 200
Perception: 200
Increases Health by 150, Stamina by 25, Energy by 40; PvP Bonus: +125 power, +20 damage, +10 deflect

Gloves heroic callissa
XIII. Callissa fought like a goddess of war, and fell upon her enemies as though she were a host in herself. Her spear plunged into the mass of foemen again and again, each mighty thrust piercing as many breasts as the length of its shaft would allow. Ashwood became red and sticky with the blood of dozens before it finally broke. Then the warrior-woman tore her sword from its scabbard and turned its deadly edge against those who dared stand against her.
Obtained By:

Crafting (General) - Qwiladrian Power Stone + Mighty Gauntlets of Callissa

Part of Heroic Callissa's Set

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