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Haunild the Centaur Slayer Epic General
Legion damage: 528

Duel power: 147
Attack: 220
Defense: 220
Race human Human
Role melee Melee
Source strength Strength
Haunild's Horns: Huge base damage increase against N'rlux (Equal to a 5000 boost to Attack)

"Your first centaur? Did the strength of his blows surprise you? Their upper bodies look like a man's, but the innards are different. You did well when you struck his horse quarters. If your blade had gone into his breast, it wouldn't have found a heart or lungs. Only thick, strong muscle. Many warriors make this mistake. They pay with their lives." -- Haunild the Centaur Slayer
Obtained By:

Epic Guild Raid loot:


  • Haunild the Centaur Slayer is a part of one recipe.

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