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Hauberk of Gold Legendary Chest
Raid damage: 380

Duel power: 182
Attack: 70
Defense: 100
Perception: 190
Increases Energy by 25 and Stamina by 15; PvP Bonus: +125 power, +10 deflect

Chest hauberkofgold

Chest hauberkofgold f

This coat of mail was worn by the hero who led the Nord tribes to victory against the Frost Wyrm Clan so many generations ago. It's said that the magical gold used to form its chains were once the tresses of a goddess' hair, given to protect her mortal champion in battle.
Obtained By:

Crafting Mestr Rekkr Essence and Championship Belt

Additional Info:

First you craft Mestr Rekkr Essence: Each Bludheim quest boss drops a piece, or you could get it from gifting.

Then you summon Mestr Rekkr (Raid) to fight (buy personal runes) and get Championship Belt as a raid drop. Craft that with the essence to gain the Hauberk.

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