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Hachiman's Set is a set of 5 Epic items. Epic loot from various Hard/Legendary+ Burden's Rest, Faedark Valley and Fallows raids.

The Set

Name Att Def AV Per Ability Obtained
Hachiman's Kabuto Hachiman's Kabuto 25 25 31 Hard+ Erebus the Black (Raid) and Tainted Erebus (Raid)
Hachiman's Do Hachiman's Do 25 25 31 15 Hard+ General Grune (Raid), Lurking Horror (Raid) and Gravlok the Night-Hunter (Raid)
Hachiman's Kote Hachiman's Kote 25 25 31 15 Hard+ Ataxes (Raid) and Briareus the Butcher (Raid)
Hachiman's Haidate Hachiman's Haidate 25 25 31 15 Hard+ Mazalu (Raid), Bloody Alice (Raid) and Scylla (Raid)
Hachiman's Suneate Hachiman's Suneate 25 25 31 15 Legendary+ Mazalu (Raid), Bloody Alice (Raid) and Scylla (Raid)

Full Set Bonus

Stat Bonus
Attack 125
Defense 125
Perception 60
Health none
Energy none
Stamina none
Honor none
PVP Bonus
Power none
Damage none
Deflect none
Colosseum Power
Raid Attack Value: 156.25
Duel Power: 125



The lore texts are a reference to The Book of Five Rings.

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