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Guillaume's Staff Rare Main Hand
Raid damage: 950

Duel power: 117
Attack: 200
Defense: 150
Courage of Fort Lissane: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Beastmen

Main guillaumes staff
Your Majesty,

Fort Lissane has held, and its walls are crimson with the blood of beastmen. My messenger hereby delivers the staff which I wielded in its defense. May it please Your Majesty to show it to all those at court who doubted the mettle of my family or questioned our honor. Then perhaps it may find worthy purpose in the hands of another of the kingdom's protectors.

Your obedient servant,

Guillaume De Chauntallion
Obtained By:

Dealing a minimum of 1 damage to The New Claw (World Raid)


  • Guillaume's Staff is a part of one recipe.
Guillaume's Heroism Events/World Raid
Pile of scales grey
Pile of scales green
Pile of scales blue
Pile of scales purple
Pile of scales orange
Main guillaumes staff
Main guillaumes heroism

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