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Greenleaf Cuisses Epic Pants
Raid damage: 795

Duel power: 120
Attack: 145
Defense: 215
Increases Energy by 20, Stamina by 10; Additional Energy and Stamina for each piece of Greenleaf armor equipped.

Pants greenleaf
IV. "Who needs them bloody mages down the guild? That Melver bloke did the job good and proper! Wasn't too keen on it at first, mind. Who wants plant men running around the place, scaring the children? But they did what they were told. Melver said, 'Kill anyone who tries to take these crops!' -- and they did. Next morning, I found a bunch of dead bandits lying about the place. Came to steal my crops, and got themselves killed instead! Going to use their bodies for compost, I am! Gave Melver 'is gold and sent 'im on his way. Good bloke, that on. Good bloke."-- Farmer Giles
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Nightmare Dragon's Lair (Raid)

Part of Greenleaf Set

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