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Greater Midas' Touch Rare Magic

Attacks by any raid member have a 16% chance to deal 11% damage and obtain 100% additional gold
The mage who created the Midas' Touch spell became rather unpopular. Adventurers disliked it, since it didn't help them in battle. And merchants complained that the gold it produced was ruining the kingdom's economy. Sick of being pelted with tomatoes when he ventured into the street, he returned to his tower and devised a variation of the spell which would strengthen a warrior's blows, and cause gold to rain from the enemies they struck. The merchants continued to grumble, but the mage simply asked the newly satisfied adventurers to beat them up until they stopped.
Obtained By:

Rare loot from:

Additional Info:

16% proc rate at 11% damage

Doubles gold payout

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