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Grand Crusader's Shield Epic Off Hand
Raid damage: 930

Duel power: 135
Attack: 175
Defense: 230
Dei Volunt: Chance for bonus damage against Demons and Undead; Extra damage if the Grand Crusader's Sign is worn.

Shield grand crusader
2. "Will we allow them to go unpunished? Will we let their minions invade our world when they please, and murder our kith and kin? The gods are watching and judging us. Do they see timid cowards unworthy of their divine gifts, men and women who sing hymns in the temples but leave their faith within those walls? Or do they look upon pious souls ready to carry out their divine purpose? The demons have waged war on the faithful. Now we, the faithful, shall wage war on them!" -- High Cleric Ludmun, speaking after the Wenshire massacre
Obtained By:

Old Foes (World Raid)

Part of Grand Crusader's Set


  • Grand Crusader's Shield is a part of one recipe.

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