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Grand Crusader's Cuisses Epic Pants
Raid damage: 930

Duel power: 135
Attack: 175
Defense: 230
Dei Volunt: Chance for bonus damage against Demons and Undead; Extra damage if the Grand Crusader's Sign is worn.

Pants grand crusader
6. "When the portal was opened there was much cheering. The warriors clashed their weapons against their shields, crying prayers to the gods and curses on the demons they would soon battle. Ludmun asked the divine immortals for their blessings. He called on them to imbue the army's weapons and panoplies with holy might. And the gods heeded, for steel flashed with the radiance of heaven -- blinding those peasants who were slow to avert their eyes.

Zombies rose from the graves to see what all this clamor meant. When the warriors saw them they let loose a martial roar and rode among the undead, stewing the hungry graveyard with their bones."

-- Acolyte Nareen, 'The Grand Crusade'

Obtained By:

Old Foes (World Raid)

Part of Grand Crusader's Set


  • Grand Crusader's Cuisses is a part of one recipe.

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