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Golden Wyrm Helm Epic Helm
Raid damage: 480

Duel power: 77
Attack: 83
Defense: 148
Increases Energy by 10 and Stamina by 5

Helm golden wyrm
1. In an ancient age the drakes led their armies across West Kruna, wishing to crush the whole world beneath their shadow. They flew to each settlement, demanding surrender and threatening destruction. In that time Valanazes was at first given command of but a small force, left to subjugate insignificant villages. For he was as yet untested in battle. It was as his warband marched in triumph from one such village -- where its inhabitants had fallen to their knees and surrendered their weapons -- that a whelpling came to them, shrieking the gold dragon's name.
Obtained By:

Epic drop from Hard and Legendary Dragon's Lair (Raid)

Part of Golden Wyrm Set

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