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Goblin Besieger Epic Troop
Legion damage: 88.2

Duel power: 22
Attack: 60
Defense: 5
Race goblin Goblin
Role special Special
Source special Special

Goblin besieger
"Don't understand it myself. I though the little gobbo was a simpleton, and told someone to get him out of harm's way. Later I found him standing beside a big hole in the fortress wall. I asked the other goblins, and they told me that his kind are called fiddlers. They're somehow able to perceive the slightest vulnerabilities in a fortification out of instinct, and pick away at them until they crumble." -- Siege Commander Honorius
Obtained By:

Hitting Kessov Siege. (20x recommended by devs)

Additional Info:

Can be used to craft Veteran Goblin Besieger and Besiegers' Blood.


  • Goblin Besieger is a part of 5 recipes.

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Name Type Recraft Type
Besiegers' Blood Events/World Raid Stats/World Raid
Elven besieger
Dwarven besieger
Felpurr besieger
Gnomish besieger
Oroc besieger
Goblin besieger
Legion 1

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