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Gnomish Philosopher Epic Troop
Legion damage: 172.8

Duel power: 65
Attack: 95
Defense: 100
Race gnome Gnome
Role special Special
Source wisdom Wisdom
Gnomish Philosopher gains 10 Attack and 10 Defense when placed in the Crusade II legion; gains 5 Attack and 5 Defense if placed in the same legion as Ludo the Philosopher

Gnomish philosopher
A group of scholars decided that gnomes were annoying. Not a conclusion which required a great degree of erudition to reach, it must be confessed. However, they decided that a good solution would be to teach members of the race philosophy -- to curb their whimsical, cheerful ways and crush them beneath the weight of existential contemplation.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinRetired Expeditions 02/03/12 - 04/13/12, 11/09/12 - 03/01/13

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