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Glorious Dragonite Chest Epic Chest
Raid damage: 800

Duel power: 197
Attack: 160
Defense: 160
Increases Honor by 20; PvP Bonus: +90 power, +12 deflect

Chest glorious dragonite

Chest glorious dragonite f

II. "Tainted by necromancy, touched by the abyss, Erebus' hatred was such that he clawed his way from death itself to face the dragon-rider again. His mighty body twisted and corrupted, his wrath like that unto that of the war gods themselves, he roared his challenge and screamed of destruction. But all his dark might and dread rage could not save him from the hero's blade." -- Anonymous, Chronicles of the Second Dragon War
Obtained By:

Upgrade Dragonite Chest with 1 Pragmatic Relic

Additional Info:

Upgraded to Magnificent Dragonite Chest with 1 N'rlux's Eye

Part of Glorious Dragonite Set

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  • Glorious Dragonite Chest is a part of 2 recipes.

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