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Gauntlets of the Realm-Walker Legendary Gloves
Raid damage: 300

Duel power: 165
Attack: 60
Defense: 60
Perception: 190
Increases Energy by 30, Stamina by 15; PvP Bonus: +125 power, +10 damage, +5 deflect

Gloves realm walker
Faustus asked you to give him certain items that you'd come across on your travels in the arcane dimensions, telling you that he could use them to fashion a pair of powerful gauntlets. You did as he asked, and the wizard's eyes lit up as he gazed upon the seemingly innocuous objects. He withdrew to his tent, telling you that he needed to be alone to work the magic. When he returned some hours later he had these gauntlets in his hands. The magic which went into their creation must have been potent indeed, for you're sure there was an eldritch glow deep within his eyes.
Obtained By:

Craft together items from Together in Eclectic Dreams quest bosses, any difficulty, and the mysterious emblem:


Part of the description is a reference/foreshadowing to Clash's area Wizard in the Tower

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