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Gauntlets of Callissa Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 75

Duel power: 38
Attack: 15
Defense: 15
Perception: 10
Increases Health by 50, Stamina by 5, Energy by 5; PvP Bonus: +25 power, +5 damage, +2 deflect

Gloves callissa
III. Callissa tore herself from the balcony. She shrouded herself with rage to smother her anguish. If Melops was to fall, she would fall with it -- but not before she had made the invaders and traitors pay a heavy price for their perfidy. She donned her armor, girded her sword belt around her waist, and seized her ashwood spear. Death awaited her in the streets, both others' and her own.
Obtained By:

Formerly gained from Daily Rewards, now crafted with 2 Steel and 1 Arcane Oil.

Additional Info:

Can be upgraded to Mighty Gauntlets of Callissa with Pragmatic Relic Fragment

Part of Callissa's Set


  • Gauntlets of Callissa is a part of 2 recipes.

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