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Gauntlets of Arcane Power Gloves
Raid damage: 501

Duel power: 47
Attack: 120
Defense: 21
Increases Stamina by 5

Gloves arcanepower
The warrior known as Trym wore these gauntlets when he reunited the fragments of a legendary sword. As the weapon was re-forged, it produced a burst of magical energy which was absorbed by the gauntlets, imbuing them with arcane might.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinPlanet Coins - Limited Time Item, available in August 2010 Planet CoinPlanet Coins - Retired Expeditions item
Available from Anniversary Present (Purple)

Additional Info:

This item's stats were boosted from 24/16 to 29/21 at the 1-year anniversary of DotD.


Commemorates Trym being the first player to craft the legendary item Sword of Conquered Kingdoms.

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