Frequently-Asked Questions about in-game mechanics, etc.


1. How do I play this game / What sort of game is this?

DotD is a free-to-play game revolving around a storyline where mankind wars with dragons. Each player's character is the main protagonist of the storyline, and has to complete Quests to advance the storyline. Players have the opportunity to interact and cooperate to bring down massive versions of quest bosses in events called Raids. Players may also join to form Guilds to engage in Jousting or special Guild Raids.


1. What is Attack?

Attack determines the average amount of damage you do on raids and your offensive Duel/Joust power. 1 attack point consumes 1 skill point.

2. What is Defense?

Defense determines the amount of damage you take from raids and your defensive Duel/Joust power. 1 defense point consumes 1 skill point.

3. What is Health?

Health determines the amount of damage you can take. 5 health points consume 1 skill point. Health regenerates over time, and each character has 2 separate and independent health bars. One of them, always visible at the top of the window, is the general health bar and is depleted in Raids and against Quest Bosses. The second health bar is the PvP health bar and is only visible on the PvP page, and is depleted through the various forms of PvP. Both health bars may be refilled by paying Gold, with the cost to refill per HP dependent on a character's level.
When the general health bar reaches 10 or less during a raid, the player is unable to continue attacking the raid till his health increases. When the general health bar reaches 0 during a Quest boss, the character is considered to have been defeated and will fail that quest boss, gaining no XP or items. When the PvP bar reaches 0, the player is considered as having 'died' once and loses 3 times the rank points that he would normally have lost against the player who killed him.

4. What is Energy?

Energy is mainly used to advance in Quests. 1 energy point consumes 1 skill point. Energy regenerates over time and the XP gain ranges from 1:1 to about 1:2.5 depending on the quest in question.
In certain exceptional cases, energy can be used to deal damage in PvP-derived raids such as Countess Serpina and Tisiphone The Vengeful; or World Raids such as Echthros, Kessov, and Corrupted Erebus.

5. What is Stamina?

Stamina is used to deal damage to [[Raids]. 1 stamina point consumes 2 skill points. Stamina regenerates over time and gives a maximum of 1-5 XP per stamina.

6. What is Perception?

Perception increases your chances to find Perception Rewards while Questing. 1 perception point consumes 1 skill point.

7. What is Honor?

Honor is used for guild activities such as Guild Raids or Jousting. Unlike stamina or energy, the honor cap is strictly dependent on a player's level and cannot be increased by use of skill points. Honor regenerates over time and gives 1-2 XP per Honor.


1. How can I join a guild?

Click on the Guild tab, go to the list, and click on a guildname that you would like to join.

2. What is FS/OS?

FS stands for Fair Share, determined by dividing the total HP of the raid by the maximum number of participants in the raid. OS stands for Optimal Share, which is supposedly the optimum amount of damage that should be dealt per raid to get a good number of Epic tier items.

3. Can players give each other items?

Yes on FB, no on Kongregate and Armorgames.

4. I want the Scroll/Book, What if I already defeated the boss before citadel was available

You have to reset the instance,
On the web version you set the area and difficulty and press the reset button (located next to the difficulty).
On the mobile version you tap the area name (between the forward and backward arrows) and choose 'reset area' from the dropdown menu that pops up.

To be continued...

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