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Forest Sentinel's Band Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1990

Duel power: 213
Attack: 450
Defense: 190
Sylvan Guardian: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Forest Sentinel's set equipped; Extra damage against Beast raids

Ring forest sentinel
"I give you this ring that you shall wear as though it were your wedding band. While you serve among the guardians, your finger will know no other. Lovers you may have, but never a husband. Not until you return this ring and leave us."-- Telaria, conducting an initiation ceremony
Obtained By:

Corrupted Wilds (Raid)

Part of Forest Sentinel Set


  • Forest Sentinel's Band is a part of one recipe.
Invasive Growth Items/Magics Stats/Raid
Main forest sentinel
Shield forest sentinel
Helm forest sentinel
Ring forest sentinel
Mount forest sentinel
Invasive growth

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